About us.

Our adventure began around 45 years ago at the close of one of the most exciting decades of the last century. Like some of the most significant cultural movements in history, Botas Caborca was also born in the ’70s.

To try their luck in shoemaking, Luis Torres Muñoz and his two sons, Luis and Jose Manuel, set up a small boot workshop in León, Guanajuato, one of the cities with a rich shoemaking tradition in Mexico and the world.

They started small, with only 6 workers, making 12 pairs a day. They named the company Botas Caborca in honor of a small town in northern Mexico, commencing operations in April 1978.

For some years, they focused on crafting traditional handmade cowboy boots and concentrated on selling only within the Mexican territory. Gradually, the ancient craft of making boots by hand became more professional, and the dream began to take shape.

1986 was historic because it marked the beginning of exporting the first pairs to the United States. From there, the company gained recognition in the global footwear industry.

Year after year, the company grew stronger and began exporting to other parts of the world, such as Canada, Japan, and Italy. The company “Botas Caborca” transformed into “Caborca Group.”

Today, Caborca Group has 5 proprietary brands and 4 manufacturing plants covering a total area of 30,000 square meters, producing approximately 8,000 pairs per week with the help of over 800 employees.

Generations of hard work have forged this legacy. In 45 years of diligent work, we have succeeded in establishing a great company that has left its legacy firmly rooted in the country’s bootmaking tradition.

We are proud of our roots, just as we are proud of our products because, in them, we have materialized the future of our sweat, our effort, and our dedication.

In every pair of boots, we leave our soul and give our all.

Craftsmanship with legacy.

It is an art that requires mastery and experience.

We are proud and truly privileged to be masters in the craftsmanship of cowboy boots and to have so many talented and dedicated collaborators who create true and unique works of art in every pair we make.

At Caborca Group, we have managed to bring together two worlds: the traditional world of handmade cowboy boots and the world of modern footwear manufacturing processes, allowing us to achieve impeccable quality and high productivity

Passion for detail.

Everything we do at Caborca Group, we do with passion; we love our craftsmanship, and we do it well.

We create the most beautiful cowboy boots, and each pair that is produced undergoes a manufacturing process consisting of more than 200 steps performed to the highest quality standards.

We work with effort and passion.

Over four decades of hard work, building a legacy of tradition that is evident in every pair of boots made by the talented hands of our Mexican artisans.